When do clark and lana start dating

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Lana felt looking at the stars without Clark was lacking. She became a teenager and developed beautifully, attracting the attention of the many boys of Smallville, including Clark.Of course, whenever Clark got close to Lana he turned into a bumbling mess.This love-triangle was the focus of many stories during the 1950S and '60s, but cooled in later decades.Lana eventually becomes romantically involved with the alien superhero Vartox.Lana Lang is a villainess from episode 3.14 of Lois & Clark, "Tempus, Anyone? Just like in the comics, Lana Lang is portrayed as the girlfriend of young Clark Kent, and the episode has Lana referred to as Clark's former girlfriend.Lana turned heel when she appeared in Tempus' alternate universe as Clark's fiancee.At times, she took her own superheroic identity, Insect Queen.

Lois Lane is transported to the alternate universe by Tempus, where she learns that she is deceased in the universe and meets Lana, while expressing shock over the fact that she and Clark are engaged.Clark started getting sick around Lana and his parents, and even Clark himself, made strange excuses to avoid Lana and her aunt.This only reinforced Nell's warnings of Clark being a weirdo.In high school, Lana became a cheerleader and started dating an older football player named Whitney Fordman.The relationship did not last long after Lana discovered Whitney had bullied Clark and in her free-time, Lana did some soul searching (in between being the constant target of meteor freaks).

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