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Also, you know, Shrek kind of looked like Farley, or Farley looked like Shrek.” Myers was chosen as a replacement when producers decided to forgo finding someone to mimic Farley’s voice.

Would “Farley and Spade” have the same comedic ring today as “Abbott and Costello” or “Martin and Lewis” if they had been given the opportunity?

(the comedi­an’s older brother) and co-author Tanner Colby show that the self-deprecating humor that Farley was famous for was a contributing factor in his death.

In the three sketches Farley was most memorable in ” Chippendales, the recur­ring motivational speaker Matt Foley, and the recurring sketch ” The Chris Farley Show” ” he was either making fun of his weight, his intelligence or both.

Add 'The Chris Farley Conclusion…' to digg Add 'The Chris Farley Conclusion…' to us Add 'The Chris Farley Conclusion…' to reddit Add 'The Chris Farley Conclusion…' to Technorati Add 'The Chris Farley Conclusion…' to Socializer. v=j RTMi_c UH_M [YOUTUBE]j RTMi_c UH_M[/YOUTUBE] THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SKIT EVER. He s one loveable, hilarious accident waiting to happen.

Chris Farley Death Chris Farley Reincarnation Toddler Girl hecklerspray is petrified of death. Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, David Spade and Christina . Dedicated to helping his big brother Al (Tim Matheson) win the race for We had just got off the airplane and he was wide awake.

You haven’t had the chance to get that far, and you’re already screwing yourself up.'” The authors compiled the interviews they conducted with those who knew him, famous (Chris Rock, Alec Bald­win and David Spade) and not, into an oral history in an almost “E! Colby co-authored with John Belushi’s widow, Judith Belushi Pisano, the 2005 oral history “Belushi.” That idea is backed up by his college buddy, Jim Mur­phy, who says Farley was heavily influenced by Bob Woodward’s 1985 biography of Belushi.

(Another friend said it was the only book Farley read while at Marquette.) “When Chris read ‘Wired’ he just took completely the wrong thing away from it.

Chris wasn’t blindly imitating Belushi, but reading that book validated all the addictions and impuls­es that Chris already had inside him.” But Farley’s child­hood friend Todd Green counters Murphy’s, and others’, assessment.Chris Farley Every time I see Chris Farley I miss him all over again.Technorati Tags: chris farley, snl, funny, funny video. Check out my new site just for electronic music videos! Chris Farley Movies You will wet yourself watching this Trust me buy this its a classic Meet Mike Donnelly (Chris Farley).The two of them would die tragically and unexpectedly within six months of each other.Hartman, 49, was shot by his wife, who went on to kill herself in May 1998.

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