Who is johnny depp dating october 2016

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You know how it is with our world today; everyone flocks to where the grass is green.Depp has a long list of females to go with his high profile. Here are 3 the most beautiful dress which she chose for specially event. She put her hair into an elegant bun and put on minimalist makeup. She chose Elie Saab dress sewn with airy subtle material in a fiery red color. She is a singer and song-writer and Depp met her on the set of .His relationship with Vanessa was the longest as it lasted 14 years. This long term relationship produced his two only children; Lily-Rose (born May 27, 1999) and Jack (born April 9, 2002).Ellen Barkin (ex-girlfriend) Duration of Relationship: 1994 Date of Birth: April 16, 1954 Zodiac Sign: Aries Actress Ellen Barkin was 9 years older than the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Star.I think he wanted to try out something different to see if it might suite him well.

In just two years after he got married to makeup artist Lori, they split.

Jennifer Grey (ex-girlfriend) Duration of Relationship: 1989 Date of Birth: March 26, 1960 Zodiac Sign: Aries Everyone thinks Grey seduced Johnny through Dirty Dancing.

It definitely worked as the celebrity actor proposed to her shortly after they met.

Supermodel Kate Moss told Vanity Fair that she cried for several years after they split because no one else had been able to take care of her like Depp did.

Vanessa Paradis (ex-partner) Duration of Relationship: 1998 – 2012 (14 years) Date of Birth: December 22, 1972 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Vanessa Paradis is a ravishing French beauty.

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