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Some sixteen years ago Laurel placed a personals ad in Willamette Week.

This was in the ancient pre-online days, so I read about this 40 y.o.

Hard to imagine what life must be like in her shoes.

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Local Portland Designer Stowaway hand makes these perfect necklaces with gorgeous specially chosen stones placed in simple yet unique metal work. We have yet to find an outfit these earrings don't pair perfectly with, and a person they don't look incredible on. We were lucky enough to acquire 3 of these in like new condition. Come visit and experience our vast one of a kind heirloom collection to find something special. The varied colors of the natural Jasper stone set in silver will go with many styles.It wouldn’t have taken us even eight months to get married if there hadn’t been a several week communication hitch after I wrote my first letter to Laurel.The two and a half page single-spaced description of my marvelous qualities (I could have gone on for quite a bit longer, but wanted to project at least a veneer of humility) piqued Laurel’s interest. ” “That’s all right; I’ll call back.” Experienced in the perils and pitfalls of dating, Laurel thought that Celeste might be my wife.Looking over them just now I notice that a few things have changed since Laurel and I met.The quick menu options are divided into “personals” and “no strings attached.” A count of several categories revealed that the “personals” are evenly divided between the number of women seeking men (51) and men seeking women (47).

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