Wonder woman superman dating another fish dating

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Whatever your feelings about Superman and Wonder Woman being romantically involved, the story of this new relationship has garnered much publicity. How Lois Lane will feel about it remains to be seen.

About how Clark remained faithful to Lois for 1.000 years, and Lois still had the never to question Clark's loyalty.

During that time although tempted to let go of his memory of Lois and fully enjoy Diana's company as the beautiful and powerful woman she was, Superman still kept on being faithful to the memory of Lois (which to me always felt total BS).

At one time Superman helped Wonder Woman, fight a battle in Valhalla for 1.000 years.

For all Superman knew, one thousand years had passed and Lois was long dead.

When Superman and Wonder Woman won the battle, they were returned to the same time they left the Earth.

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