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Together, you’ll track dating patterns and show you how and why the relationship broke — fix your relationship picker and review new skills on how to choose, who to choose, and how to fix yourself first. Judy works with you to teach basic communication skills — incorporating a patented 9-panel process map to map your journey from where you currently are through solutions to the relationship you want.

She recently discovered another essential key to success—CHOICE— having the freedom to choose between gradually withdrawing from the drug nicotine or using a cold turkey approach. Rosenberg is also a Media Psychologist and has appeared on many talk shows such as the Roseanne Show, the Jenny Jones Show and Animal Planet.

Judy Rosenberg, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, holds a Ph. and Master’s in Psychology from the California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles and a BA in Psychology from UCLA.

Prior to starting the Habit Breakers Clinic in 1980, she worked for several smoking cessation clinics and found that smokers were able to quit smoking but that staying off cigarettes was another matter.

Read our latest article on the practice of scapegoating in family dynamics: https://psychologicalhealingcenter.com/scapegoating-the-moving-target/ The practice of Scapegoating is a way of projecting family issues onto one family member.

Usually, the family scapegoat’s a particular child. Perhaps the child is weaker and more vulnerable, or perhaps the child reminds one parent of the pain infli...

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